Helping Pre-K through 3 Programs Succeed

Pre-K 4 SA operates its Competitive Grants Program on a two-year cycle with a one-year contract and one-year renewal. The next cycle will start with grant submissions beginning in the fall of 2019. If you are interested in being considered, mark your calendar now and continue to check back for updates

Grants are available in the following categories:
  1. Public/charter schools
  2. Private/parochial schools
  3. Child development center 1: Licensed centers with accreditations including NAEYC, NECPA, NAC, TexasRising Star 4, or Texas  Rising Star 3
  4. Child development center 2: Licensed centers with Texas Rising Star 2 accreditation or unaccredited
    centers seeking to become accredited
Recipient Goals

Our team works with each recipient to outline projected goals to be achieved during the two-year period that include:

  1. Increasing access through extended hours or increased enrollment capacity.
  2. Improved instructional quality via additional staff and/or implementing scoring measures.
  3. Improving student outcomes and growth along pre-k through 3rd grade path.
  4. Aligning curriculum for Pre-K students to integrate more seamlessly through 3rd grade.
  5. Providing an environment that supports, educates and empowers families.
  6. Leveraging our High Quality Impact Pyramid to identify key areas of improvement