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About Pre-K 4 SA

Community Impact

Inspirational early education greatly impacts a city’s future success. If a child embraces learning, independent thinking, and leadership skills at a young age, they will be more likely to reach their full potential and be a contributing member of their community as adults.

student reaches a hand out to an artwork of a dragon

Changing the Landscape of Education
in San Antonio

Pre-K 4 SA is supported by city leaders and a Board of Directors who have a passion for education and a belief that together we can make a positive change in one generation to:

  • Improve a workforce to help secure our future economy, as well as opportunities of citizens,
  • Decrease poverty, and
  • Strengthen family and civic engagement.

San Antonio is one of just a few cities in the US that has successfully harnessed the possibilities of early childhood education. We are doing this by inspiring our preschool children through engaging curriculum disguised as play, by mentoring educators on how to engage our youth best, and by providing the resources to other San Antonio preschool programs so that they can be part of this initiative. 

When the first children that attended Pre-K 4 SA are ready to enter the workforce, we will see the results this early educational movement can have on a city with a more productive workforce, healthier and more engaged families, less poverty, and civic-minded young adults to take San Antonio into the future.

Maximizing the Investment

Creating the Greatest Positive Impact and Strong ROI

Return Per Child
$ 0
Additional Income and Benefits for Extended-day Families
$ 0
Return for the Community
$ 0