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Our Method


Children thrive when they understand their connection to the community and learn how to express themselves.

a young girl with an exuberant expression holds up a watercolor she made

Civic Learning at Pre-K 4 SA

Through a yearlong project called Gracias San Antonio: Children Are Citizens, kids become civic-minded by supporting the community, creating art, and learning about local nonprofits. Every year, children vote in a center-wide election to select a nonprofit organization to learn about and support throughout the year. Our teachers invite children and their families to explore local parks, historic sites, art exhibits, monuments, and establishments. Local artists join the classroom to help them create authentic artwork that expresses the children’s perspective of places they visit and explore. The art pieces are then displayed in a public gallery exhibit and auctioned to raise money for the selected nonprofit organization.

The Benefits

By engaging students in art experiences at a young age, children more deeply develop their thinking and creativity. Gracias San Antonio is grounded in the belief that children are not just future citizens but also are citizens of the city in the here and now, with the right to express their opinions and participate in the civic and cultural life of San Antonio.