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Our Method


Families thrive when they understand the connection between food and overall wellness.

a young child pours cheerios into a bag

Healthful Food and Cooking at Pre-K 4 SA

As part of the CHEF program, children learn firsthand about healthy eating by growing their own food. Each class has a garden bed in the outdoor learning environment and works with a master gardener to grow and harvest the produce. The children use cognitive and fine motor skills to make simple recipes and learn concepts of sustainability, life cycle, and environmental science. We even host a farmer’s market so the children can take home fresh produce to share with their families.

The Benefits

CHEF holds the core belief that food is medicine. It is an educational tool that helps reduce the childhood obesity rate and other diet-related chronic diseases by bringing practical, affordable, easy-to-implement nutrition solutions to families that encourage healthy habits that will empower them to live happier, healthier lives.