The Importance of Preschool

Strong prekindergarten programs positively impact a child’s education — and our community’s future.

Three and four-years old are critical ages for preschool

90% of brain development occurs before the age of five which means that the way our brains are structured for the rest of our lives is determined at a very early age. High-quality education capitalizes on this critical time in brain development to provide children with a foundation for academic learning and executive function (memory, flexible thinking and self-control). These are life-long skills that equip children with the means to solve problems and persist through challenges.

Children can learn with master teachers through well designed play.

Strong prekindergarten programs, like Pre-K 4 SA, will utilize play, a child’s natural tendency, to instill concepts of numbers, literacy, language, social skills, essential critical thinking skills and build executive functions. This early exposure gives children an educational advantage and lays a strong educational foundation. Pre-K 4 SA and programs like it, create future students that love to learn, are confident, ask questions and eagerly participate in their education—and eventually, their communities.

Successful students become empowered and engaged citizens.

Engaged citizens have been taught from a young age that they can make a difference and have the power to control their destiny. They have been taught to care deeply about their culture and their community. They know how to solve problems and interact well with others. They learn from mistakes and accept responsibility. They have been given the self-confidence and critical thinking skills as a child that lead them to be successful in grade school, high school and beyond. They strive to better the world around them—and their world is San Antonio.

Pre-K 4 SA Prepares Children Beyond the Preschool Classroom

Using the HighScope curriculum, teachers at Pre-K 4 SA also include a focus on the development of executive function skills. When children practice executive functions, they are strengthening life-long skills of working memory, emotional control, self-control, and many others.