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Our Method

Outdoor Learning Classroom

Children thrive physically and mentally when they experience the outdoors.

a young child stomps in a muddy puddle

Outdoor Learning at Pre-K 4 SA

Our outdoor learning is designed to promote learning through play. Children can access a variety of recycled and natural materials that encourage them to design, create, and problem-solve. They have equipment for catching, throwing, climbing, riding, and making music. There is a stage for imaginative play and a cozy reading nook filled with books. There are mud kitchens, vegetable gardens, and tricycle tracks. Buckets of chalk, bubble wands, and finger paints let children express their creative side.

The Benefits

Outdoor learning helps children develop physical and cognitive skills and an appreciation for nature and the world around them. Promoting physical activity in early childhood is a critical step in reducing rates of obesity. It also encourages healthy behaviors supporting children during early development and later life.