Community Impact

Pre-K 4 SA is more than a preschool.
It is a visionary initiative for the future of San Antonio.

It impacts our future workforce.

Studies have shown that inspirational early education has a great impact on future success. If a child embraces learning, independent thinking and leadership skills at a young age, they will be more likely to reach their full potential and be a contributing member of their community as an adult. These core values, instilled in pre-kindergarten, will follow them through to adulthood and produce contributing members of the community.

It builds critical leadership and planning skills.

While the curriculum at Pre-K 4 SA revolves around play, the activities and teacher interaction is designed for the development of leadership and planning, two essential skills children need for future success. Students are guided to develop their own ideas, solve their own problems, review their successes and failures and talk openly with each other. Getting students to think in this way sets the foundation for a successful educational journey.

It’s changing the landscape of early childhood education in San Antonio.

San Antonio is one of just a few cities in the US that has successfully harnessed the impact of early childhood education. We are doing this by inspiring our pre-school children through engaging curriculum disguised as play. We’re doing this by mentoring educators on how to best engage our youth. We’re doing this by providing the resources to other San Antonio pre-school programs so that they can be part of this initiative. This goes far beyond the walls of any Pre-K 4 SA educational center. It is changing the future of early education for all of San Antonio.

It’s an investment in our youth.

That means it’s an investment in our future. Laying this foundation of learning and leadership has the potential to impact the child, their immediate family and their community.


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