Supporting Early Learning Success through Grants

The purpose of the Pre-K 4 SA Competitive Education Grants is to make strategic investments in programs to create a comprehensive, high-quality early learning system across the city.

This year, Pre-K 4 SA will operate its Competitive Grants Program on a one-year contract basis. If you are interested in being considered, mark your calendar for upcoming workshops, application release, and submission date.

2020 Grants applications are now closed.

Upcoming Competitive Education Grants Workshops

The grants workshops will provide interested applicants the purpose of the grants program, information on the application process, available grant projects, and requirements for participating in the grant.

Goals for Grants

Our team works with each recipient to outline projected goals to be achieved during the workshops and over the course of the year to ensure success. Pre-K 4 SA uses proven methods of high-quality early learning curriculum and guidelines – HighScope & NIEER Quality Standards – to act as a benchmark for identifying areas of improvement that will provide a supporting environment for young learners, their families and our community.

Our High Quality Impact Pyramid can be used to identify key areas of improvement.

Pre-K 4 SA’s investment to provide a high-quality education to all 4-year-olds in our city remains a top priority and commitment. In addition to the individual grant project requirements, applicants receiving funds to support their projects must also meet the following grant program requirements. This will set up our awardees with a solid foundation that impacts our early learners, their schools and our city.

Grants are available in the following categories:
  1. Public/charter schools
  2. Private/parochial schools
Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Public ISD applicants currently have a partner school district Memorandum of Understanding with Pre-K 4 SA
  2. School is located within City of San Antonio city limits
  3. Serve a full-day prekindergarten program
Application Outline:
  1. Program Self-Assessment
  2. Proposed Plan: I. Proposed Projects
  3. Proposed Plan: II. Narrative
  4. Proposed Plan: III. Timeline
  5. Proposed Plan: IV. Budget
  6. Appendix



1. RFP workshop 1

December 17, 2019

2. RFP released

December 20, 2019

3. RFP workshop 2

January 8, 2020

4. Pre-submittal conference

January 13, 2020

5. Applications due

February 7, 2020

6. Notify applicants of interview

March 4, 2020

7. Applicant interviews

March 5–6, 2020

8. Notification of awards

May 2020

9. Contract term begins

July 1, 2020