How the Grant Program Works

Within the first 8 years, $21 Million Awarded to Programs Throughout the City

Pre-K 4 SA is changing the educational landscape of San Antonio by investing in established early childhood programs in the city. Within the first 8 years, Pre-K 4 SA will have awarded $21 million and supported over 13,000 children. Our grant funds help these programs serve additional students and improve the educational experience by providing materials, equipment, staff and services for teachers, students and their families.

Helping Pre-K through 3 Programs Succeed

Our Competitive Grants are available to public/charter schools and private/parochial schools. Pre-K 4 SA works with each recipient to outline goals and a path to success. Using proven methods of early learning curriculum and guidelines—HighScope, NIEER Quality Standards and the High Quality Impact Pyramid—Pre-K 4 SA identifies areas of improvement to better provide a supportive environment for young learners and their families.

Changing the Trajectory of Education in San Antonio

As our Competitive Grant Program grows and can award more funds to early learning programs across the city, Pre-K 4 SA can help address and lessen the gap of San Antonio families that cannot afford high-quality prekindergarten. By helping other programs expand, Pre-K 4 SA serves more students and their families outside of Pre-K 4 SA’s four educational centers.