Discover the Pre-K 4 SA advantage!

Give your child the best educational foundation through Pre-K 4 SA. Research has proven that high-quality early education can have a significant impact on future success. It all starts here!

Pre-K 4 SA Student

What makes San Antonio's Pre-K 4 SA unique?

The curriculum. Created by Early Education experts, every play-to-learn activity helps build a solid foundation for kinder — and beyond.

The teachers. The Master Early Education teachers in every classroom are trained to guide your child in their own learning journey.

The 4 centers. Each center has beautifully designed indoor and outdoor classrooms, with secured locked entry and health and safety protocols.

The parent involvement. With our active Family Engagement Program, it’s not only the students that get involved in the learning process

The countless benefits. There are too many to list. Pre-K 4 SA is the only prekindergarten that offers all of these.

The proven results! Research proves that Pre-K 4 SA has a long-term impact on student academic achievement and engagement so start now!

90% of Brain Development

90% of a child’s brain is developed by age 5.