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San Antonio’s Pre-K 4 SA ranked high among programs nationwide
An annual report assessing quality and access to early childhood education programs in the country’s 40 largest cities gave San Antonio a gold medal for the second consecutive year.


Here are the cities where pre-k earns high marks
A growing number of the nation’s 40 biggest cities are providing high-quality pre-kindergarten programs for families, according to a new analysis of their policies and enrollment.

Ubicaciones de Los centros


Centro de Educación del Norte

3635 Medical Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229

Teléfono: 210-206-2800
FAX: 210-206-2815

Centro de Educación del Este

5230 Eisenhauer Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78218

Teléfono: 210-206-2850
FAX: 210-206-2857

Centro de Educación del Sur

7031 S New Braunfels Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78223

Teléfono: 210-206-2700
FAX: 210-206-2714

Centro de Educación del Oeste

1235 Enrique M. Barrera Memorial Pkwy.
San Antonio, TX 78227

Teléfono: 210-206-2900
FAX: 210-206-2907