Family Services

Consider Us Your Extended Family

At Pre-K 4 SA, we believe supporting the entire family helps children build a successful learning foundation. That’s why our Family Engagement Team collaborates closely with teachers, administrators, and staff. Its mission is to encourage educational potential in the home, engage families in school leadership, and build on each family’s unique strengths and abilities by offering a variety of opportunities including:

  • Workshops and classes on active learning at home, child development, early literacy, nutrition, health, and wellness
  • School leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • Adult education classes and referrals to continuing education courses
  • Family literacy, gardening, and learning events and activities
  • Parent Cafés with computer access for employment searches and school work
  • Transition to Kinder
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Connect at the Parent Café

Each Center has a spacious Parent Café, a designated space for families to meet, connect, work, and share ideas. Think of it as the “living room” of the campus. The welcoming environment features computers, WiFi access, books for families, toys and games for children, and information on community resources. The Parent Liaisons and the Family Program Coordinator work out of the Parent Cafés and are available on a walk-in or appointment basis. It’s your one-stop-shop for parent resources.

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Parents As Partners

Our Parents As Partners program is one of the best ways to take a front seat in your student’s educational experience. The Parents As Partners group at each Center builds community, engages in the classroom and provides overall support by partnering with teachers and staff.

From planning school events, addressing common concerns, and serving as advisory committee on curriculum and activities, the Parents As Partners Groups work collaboratively to play a significant role on each campus. Families form working committees with unique goals such as Raising A Reader, gardening & outdoor play, parents helping parents, etc. By the end of each school year, these close friends become a shining example of leadership to the students.

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Keeping Lines of Communication Open

Regular communication between parents/guardians and teachers is essential to providing a high-quality school experience for everyone. You want to know what’s happening in the classroom—and we want you to know so that you can continue the learning at home. Our teachers strive to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with families and welcome them into the classroom.

We are committed to responding to inquiries within one work day and use a variety of approaches to share information including newsletters, calendars, flyers, brochures, email notifications and surveys.

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