Menu And Nutrition

Providing A Healthy Education

At Pre-K 4 SA, one of our goals is to establish healthy eating habits for young children, so meals and snacks are an important part of the daily program. Meals are served family-style in the classroom, providing a natural opportunity to teach children about common table manners.

During meals and snacks, teachers provide specific instruction encouraging children to learn to wash their hands before eating, set the table, and clean up after themselves. Before mid-year, the students are performing the tasks like pros. Teachers serve the children, model table manners, and engage in meaningful child-initiated conversations to include topics that interest the children in collaborative conversation and extend their thinking. Teachers will also creatively weave in the importance of healthy eating and the science of nutrition. All food items and serving tools will be handled by adults only. Pre-K 4 SA will continue to use clear partitions that allow children to see and interact with their peers during meals.

Creating and practicing healthy mealtime habits can be fun and an activity to continue at home!

The Science of Home Grown

The philosophy of healthy eating  is reinforced with outdoor gardening projects. These science projects become an extension of the meal table as children experience the excitement of planting, nurturing, harvesting and tasting fresh, healthy foods. Our nutrition service provider helps the children select plants for the garden and then incorporates the types of food the children grow into the monthly menu because young children will eat what they grow!

Partnering with San Antonio Food Bank

At Pre-K 4 SA, the San Antonio Food Bank is not just a Nutrition Service Provider, it is a true educational partner. In addition to providing daily breakfast, lunch and snacks to students in the four education centers, the Food Bank will assist with seasonal farmers markets and parent workshops to engage families in wellness activities based on healthy and affordable cooking, and the importance of nutrition and physical activity. This partnership creates opportunities to extend the depth of learning through meal time in the classroom and into the students’ homes.

Safety is #1

Because meals and snacks are an integral part of the instructional program and some children who attend the Center have food allergies, food from home is not permitted. Pre-K 4 SA consults with a licensed dietician and food service agency to develop menus that support nutritional and instructional goals. Special meals are available for those with food allergies.

Pre-K 4 SA adheres to CACFP regulations and policies. Food is stored, served, and prepared in accordance with the USDA and CACFP guidelines. All meals are prepared offsite and delivered to Pre-K 4 SA.