Expanding Classrooms to 3-Year-Olds

Research has proven that 90% of the brain develops by age five, which makes the 0-5 years the most important for executive function development. Since 2013, Pre-K 4 SA has been dedicated to laying a foundation of success for San Antonio’s youngest learners. And now, that includes 3-year-olds!

Earlier Start = Long-Term Success

Simply put, two years is better than one! While one year of high-quality early learning has proven long-term success, two years of high-quality early learning is exponentially better, according to national research. Two years yields lasting academic outcomes and has an even greater positive impact on students, families and communities.

Leadership and Learning

At Pre-K 4 SA, 3-year-old students are intentionally mixed into classrooms with 4-year-olds. This strategic combination instills leadership in older students while younger students naturally learn from their older student peers.

Teachers & Training

Classrooms with 3-year-olds will have master teachers and maintain the same 10 to one student-to-teacher ratio. Additional child development training is available for teachers, and our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) team supports the classroom staff with restroom and hygiene training needs.

Lessening the Childcare Challenge

The Pre-K 4 SA 3-year-old program also enables parents to eliminate the childcare barrier even earlier. While Pre-K 4 SA is so much more than a childcare solution, it means parents can secure employment and provide more income for their families through high-quality, affordable (or free) early education.

Pre-K 4 SA really set the bar. I’m glad that all three of my children were able to attend and that it was made available to us. I really don’t know where my children would be right now in school if they didn’t get that start.
Brenda Rosas, Pre-K 4 SA parent
We’ve always shared a very important statistic about early learning, and that is that 90 percent of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5. We know that increasing access so that children are with us for two years will only increase the benefits that children and families have.
Dr. Sarah Baray, Pre-K 4 SA CEO