Strategic Curriculum

Proven Methods. Powerful Practice.

The curriculum at Pre-K 4 SA follows the HighScope approach, an evidenced-based curriculum backed by more than 40 years of research. Utilizing this approach, our instruction is based on what is developmentally and individually appropriate for the children being served. Our goal is to develop lifelong skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, interpersonal, and communication skills that are fundamental for successful living in our rapidly changing society. We use these core principles to guide our daily instruction.

Integrated Curriculum

Subjects are presented in an interactive and integrated format, conducive to the way young children learn. For example, they learn math when they play with dice on the carpet, and fill buckets half full with water outside and put four handprints on their canvas. It’s intuitive learning — and they take that with them forever.

Positive Environment

Every aspect of the learning environment–from how the furniture is arranged down to how many paint colors are available in the art center–is carefully designed to promote learning. The learning environment is such a critical part of our approach that we refer to it as the third teacher in the classroom. Our classrooms and teaching spaces provide a warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere, and reflect the diversity of the children’s home lives, languages, and cultures. Teachers incorporate materials that are meaningful and interesting to children, and families are invited to contribute as well. The various spaces encourage all levels of play where children are taught to find, use, and return materials independently.

At Pre-K 4 SA curriculum is design to let children explore, discover, create and grow using their brains the way they were designed to be used — through the Five Ingredients of Active Learning.

Through an abundant supply of age-appropriate materials the child learns from using the materials in a variety of ways.

Culturally Responsive Master Teachers

The curriculum at Pre-K 4 SA is only half of the equation. The other half is our amazing teaching staff. Every classroom has a certified teacher educated specifically in Early Childhood Education and an assistant teacher. Spend just a few minutes in one of our classrooms and you will see how the teacher’s guidance is a critical instrument in the learning process. They ask questions that make the children think, challenge, explore and learn. They model behavior for the children, use intervention skills that strengthen each child’s social skills and create an environment which celebrates diverse cultures and embraces similarities and differences. All Pre-K 4 SA teachers follow the HighScope approach and are trained, observed and evaluated.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it does! At Pre-K 4 SA, we are always on the lookout for new ways to push the envelope and engage our young learners—and their families.

Parents and Grandparents
Why Pre-K
At the beginning of the school year, our daughter's teacher asked us to make a wish list of what we'd like her to learn at Pre-K 4 SA. We chose empathy and creativity. I can honestly say she's strengthened these skills and more! Not only is our daughter reading confidently, writing letters and numbers, and talking about science and healthy food choices, but she's better at explaining her emotions and always comes home with lots of artistic creations. Pre-K 4 SA allows her to be a kid and her own unique self while learning important life skills in a structured environment. Her teachers are attentive and caring and provide useful feedback. This has been the best, most effective, and most fun introduction to school for our daughter.
Kat Sturgeon Gomez, Jun 2018

Parents and Grandparents
This was a wonderful program for our twins last year. They entered kinder last week with self-assurance and skills that were a result of Pre-K 4 SA. Getting a spot at Pre-K 4 SA is like winning the "golden ticket"
Chris Bartlett Layton, Apr 2018

Parents and Grandparents
"Best teachers ever!!! My daughter and son loved Pre-K 4 SA! All thanks to Lauren Moreno and MRS Perez!! Thank you for all your love and hard work!! You have impacted the life of my little babies for ever!"
Aneli Melendez, Apr 2018