Our Philosophy and Approach

The Big Picture

At Pre-K 4 SA, we believe our innovative educational program will not only change the lives of the students, families and teaching professionals, but it will change the trajectory of San Antonio as a whole. By educating and empowering our children at a critical age; by providing the training and resources to early education teachers throughout San Antonio; and by supporting and enhancing other prekindergarten programs in our city, we are laying the foundation for children to become thoughtful, productive and civic-minded citizens. We call it “Change in One Generation.”

A Proven Methodology

Pre-K 4 SA follows the HighScope approach to teaching young children. This approach is backed by more than 40 years of research with benefits evident even decades later. It hinges on consistent routine and purposeful play encouraging children to be active participants in their own learning. While the children think they are just playing, they are actually developing language skills, mathematical thinking, scientific concepts, and literacy. They are also developing strong social-emotional skills, which are critical to not only school success, but life success.

Plan. Do. Review

One of HighScope’s unique features is the “Plan-Do-Review” process through which children learn to think creatively, communicate clearly, problem solve and learn from mistakes. Research has demonstrated that one of the most important benefits of high-quality early childhood education is the development of executive function, the brain processes that allow us to get things done. Executive function is tied to long-term benefits, including academic success, better behavior, improved health, better decision-making, and career success.

Well Rounded. Well Done.

The HighScope approach is comprehensive and thoughtful, providing specific guidance on all aspects of early childhood education, including natural developmental stages, how to provide a safe and trusting classroom environment, the importance of indoor and outdoor activities, teacher support tools, and more.