Why Is Prekindergarten Important?

A strong prekindergarten program will positively impact a child’s education — and our community’s future.

Successful students become empowered and engaged citizens.

Children begin learning from the moment they are born but studies have proven that age four is a critical juncture in the learning process. Having tackled rudimentary functions such as walking, talking, balance and manipulation of objects, they are entering a critical phase which includes developing memory, imagination and understanding. This is why strategically designed play is so critical at this young age. A strong prekindergarten program will utilize play, a child’s natural tendency, to instill concepts of numbers, literacy, language, social skills and essential critical thinking skills. This early exposure gives children an educational advantage and creates future students that love to learn, are confident, ask questions and eagerly participate in their education — and eventually, their communities.

Thriving communities are built and sustained by empowered and engaged citizens.

These types of citizens have been taught from a young age that they can make a difference and have the power to control their destiny. They have been taught to care deeply about their culture and their community. They know how to solve problems and interact well with others. They learn from mistakes and accept responsibility. They have been given the self-confidence and critical thinking skills as a child that led them to be successful in grade school, then high school and beyond. They want to leave the world a better place — and their world is San Antonio.

Perhaps just as important as what they are doing is what they aren’t doing.

In today’s digital world, children are being entertained by a myriad of interactive distractions. When you send your child to a great prekindergarten program, they will spend less time in front of a screen and more time developing strong brains—through play. We help them develop critical life skills through intentionally designed classrooms and powerful interactions .

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