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Empowering Parents: A Commitment to Child Safety Through Education 

Guests pick up materials from a table

The safety of children is a top priority at Pre-K 4 SA, not only while they are at our Centers but also while they are at home. Through our recent partnership with University Health, we are strengthening our commitment to providing children with a secure and nurturing learning environment. Our relationship provides invaluable resources to families, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster a safer home environment.

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“The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ characterizes our partnership with Pre-K 4 SA. Injuries that happen at home or on the road bring many children to our Level 1 trauma and pediatric center. Safe Kids San Antonio, led by University Health, is proud to partner with Pre-K 4 SA to educate and empower caregivers and children to think about safety first. Together, we can provide education and resources on how to keep kids safe at home, at play, and on the way,” said  Fara Smith, BS, CPSTI, University Health, Safe Kids San Antonio.

Home Safe Home Presentations 

Across all five campuses, 56 families participated in Home Safe Home presentations. These safety-centered sessions provide essential information and distribute practical resources to enhance childproofing efforts.  

  • 97 Cable Gun Locks: Strengthening firearm safety at home. 
  • 91 two-Minute Timers: Encouraging time management for children’s activities. 
  • 53 Temperature Ducks: Ensuring optimal bath water safety. 
  • 69 Fire Hats: Promoting fire safety awareness. 
  • 80 Furniture Wall Straps: Securing furniture to prevent accidents. 
  • 98 Blind Cord Wind Ups: Enhancing window blind cord safety. An additional 25 packs of blind cord wind-ups were delivered to each campus. 
  • 60 Cabinet/Drawer Locks: Preventing access to potentially harmful items.
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Image courtesy of Jennifer Northway, Director of Adult and Pediatric Injury Prevention at University Health

International Walk to School Day 

In celebration of International Walk to School Day on October 4, we extended our safety outreach, directly impacting parents and students. 

  • 100 Clifford Takes A Walk Books: Promoting pedestrian safety awareness. 
  • 450 Reflective Blinky Lights: Enhancing visibility during low-light conditions. 
  • 150 Reflective Bracelet Sets: Combining style with safety. 

These resources were distributed directly to families and left at Pre-K 4 SA campuses, fostering a culture of safety from the ground up.

Guests pick up materials from a table

Our joint commitment to pedestrian safety included distributing 250 Clifford Takes a Walk Books, 750 Reflective Blinky Lights, 450 Reflective Bracelet Sets, and Pedestrian Safety tip sheets in English and Spanish as part of our comprehensive educational resources. 

University Health leads Safe Kids San Antonio, which offers trained staff, operational support, and resources to partners in hopes of achieving its goal of keeping San Antonio children safe. Evidence-based programs like car-seat checkups and safety workshops to prevent childhood injuries are implemented based on community needs.  

Our collaboration with University Health has impacted child safety within our homes and on the journey to school. By providing educational resources and tangible tools, we actively work together to create a safer environment for our children. 


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