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Workforce Wednesdays at Pre-K 4 SA

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Ready to Work and Pre-K 4 SA are both education initiatives spearheaded by the City of San Antonio to address the current and future need for a strong and thriving workforce.  They are both intended to create affordable education opportunities aimed at supporting our City’s underserved communities.  Both initiatives share a common long-term goal, and were voted into existence by citizens.

As part of Pre-K 4 SA’s family engagement, Ready to Work will be onsite throughout the school year to assist parents in registering, checking application status and answering any questions.

Check out a few of the most commonly asked questions below. 

What industries are you currently working with?

Ready to Work follows the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Pipeline Management approach to engage employers efficiently and effectively. The program is supporting the following San Antonio industries to build a bridge to success for participants and businesses alike:  

  • Aerospace / Architecture / Construction / Manufacturing / Utilities  
  • Education / Professional Services / Other  
  • Finance / Insurance  
  • Healthcare  
  • Information Technology / Cybersecurity  
  • Transportation / Warehousing / Logistics  

Trade careers that support the hospitality industry are also included. 

What does a typical day at the program look like?

There is no “typical day” at Ready to Work as participants are enrolled in various education, certificate and degree programs within different educational institutions.  Some enrollees will participate in classroom education, while others will be immersed in a variety of hands-on skills training and/or internships/apprenticeships, depending upon their selected career field.   

How does the program connect me to job openings?

Ready to Work will help participants find well-paid jobs in high-demand careers through approved training courses aligned with targeted industries and occupations in the local market. Participants who enroll and complete training could be placed in a job as early as a few months. 

Additionally, Ready to Work is authentically employer-led. Local employers have committed to hiring participants and informing local training providers of critical skills needed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s market conditions. 

Do I have to go through the program to use the services/benefits offered?

Yes. Ready to Work removes financial, mental, and social barriers for adults committed to the Ready to Work program receive support services to navigate challenges and overcome barriers, including:  

  • tuition assistance (up to a cap per participant);  
  • short-term emergency funding (up to a cap per participant): For urgent assistance with child care, transportation, housing, food, clothing, etc.; and  
  • services to overcome obstacles:  
  • benefit navigation services;  
  • professional career coaching;  
  • financial counseling;  
  • resume development;  
  • professional networking;  
  • interview preparation;  
  • job placement services; and  
  • job retention assistance 

Through collaboration with community-based organizations, Ready to Work case managers will also provide participants with referrals for: 

  • alcohol/substance use;  
  • domestic violence;  
  • human trafficking;  
  • legal assistance;  
  • long-term assistance;  
  • healthcare/disabilities;  
  • basic computer skills;  
  • English as a second language; and 
  • entrepreneur assistance

What are the requirements/commitments?  

To be eligible for Ready to Work, applicants must meet the following criteria:  

  • At least 18 years old;  
  • Permitted to work in the United States;  
  • Resident of San Antonio;  
  • Willing to take assessments related to workforce readiness; and  
  • Household income may not exceed 250% of federal poverty guidelines, which are periodically updated. For example, as of January 2023:  
    • An individual living alone with current income less than $36,450 would qualify for Ready to Work;   
    • A head of household of four with current income less than $75,000 would qualify for Ready to Work. 

How can I register? 

Registration is easy. Simply call 3-1-1 and ask for Ready to Work, visit, or go in person to Alamo Colleges District, Project Quest, Restore Education, or Workforce Solutions Alamo. 


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