Professional Learning

Pre-K 4 SA understands that you want professional learning that helps you make a powerful impact on children’s lives.

That’s why we design every workshop, seminar and coaching session to produce the maximum takeaway and beneficial “Aha!” moments specifically for early childhood educators.

The Professional Learning Department at Pre-K 4 SA consists of 16 learning specialists dedicated to mentoring and educating early childhood education teachers, leaders, coaches and specialists.

Our purpose is to increase the number of highly skilled Pre-K through 3rd grade educators in San Antonio, improving teacher credentialing, serving as the pipeline for ECE leadership and increasing the number of accredited ECE Centers in the city.

Contact Kristina Herrera, Assistant Director of Professional Learning, to sign up or for more information.

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Workshops that Work

Pre-K 4 SA workshops will have you doing everything from role-playing classroom scenarios to brainstorming new and engaging learning games. The topics are varied and the inspiration is contagious. Learn from each other. See things from different perspectives. You will go back to your classroom, prepared to make an impact. Get ready to dig in and play!

Seminars that Spark Ideas

These shorter, lecture-based and topic-driven events allow you to hone in on specific interests. From book authors to notable educators, Pre-K 4 SA seminars will infuse you with new ideas and knowledge to invigorate your classroom and inspire your students.

Coaching that Creates Success

Do you personally have a specific area of need or interest? Maybe you are struggling with conflict resolution or want to strengthen your language modeling. The Pre-K 4 SA Professional Learning Team offers individualized Coaching Services that include customized support and on-site visits.

Credentialing that Catapults Careers

The Pre-K 4 SA Professional Learning Team can also help adult learners obtain the necessary coursework to apply for a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification. Our team is passionate about increasing the number of accredited child development centers in San Antonio through a special series for center directors.