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The Key to San Antonio's Future

By changing the landscape of education in our city in one generation, we are unlocking a future of endless possibilities for all of San Antonio.

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Pre-K 4 SA Promises

Number One

Improve the workforce

Number Two

Help secure our economy

Number Three

Create opportunities for citizens

Number Four

Improve economic mobility

Number Five

Strengthen family and civic engagement

A Decade of Difference

So far, Pre-K 4 SA has:

  • Served over 12,000 young learners in the education centers.
  • Provided professional learning to 21,000+ early learning teachers who work with 400,000+ young children by the end of 2021.
  • Awarded over $4.2 million in grants annually to local private, parochial and public schools throughout the city to increase access to high-quality early childhood learning.
  • Engaged in 20,000+ family interactions per year.

Maximizing the Investment

Creating the Greatest Positive Impact and Strong ROI

Return Per Child
$ 0
Additional Income and Benefits for Extended-day Families
$ 0
Return for the Community
$ 0

It's Never too Early to Open the Door to Possibilities

At Pre-K 4 SA, 3 and 4-year-old children explore curiosity, solve problems, and build connections to develop a lifetime love of learning.