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Pre-K 4 SA and Miss Tristan Foundation Partner to Increase Early Childhood Water Safety

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In the face of the concerning number of childhood drownings in Texas, Pre-K 4 SA has partnered with the Miss Tristan Foundation to create an innovative program that brings water safety education to Pre-K 4 SA children and their families. The goal is simple: to prevent any heart-wrenching water incidents and equip our youngest learners with life-saving skills they’ll carry with them forever.

Accidental Drowning: A Preventable Tragedy

Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death among children under the age of four. Texas alone witnesses close to 100 children falling victim to drowning each year. Even more alarming is that for every fatal drowning, there are eight non-fatal incidents that can result in severe, long-term injuries. These statistics highlight the urgent need for comprehensive water safety education in our communities–and it’s never too early to start!

Innovative Curriculum

The Miss Tristan Foundation is a San Antonio-based nonprofit with a heartfelt mission: preventing childhood drowning through water safety education and raising awareness. In collaboration with Collins Hope, an Austin-based nonprofit water safety group, this 13-week innovative curriculum was first piloted at Pre-K 4 SA in 2022, and due to its success, provided to all children and families in the program in 2023.


Water safety education is offered to 80 children enrolled at Pre-K 4 SA free of charge. Children will visit one of four pool sites five times to complete the program. Each class has five certified or trained instructors, ensuring personalized attention and instruction.

In addition to the lessons, the program covers insurance, transportation, classroom curriculum kits and provides backpacks containing supplemental materials and a life jacket to participating children and their families.

Pre-K 4 SA is taking a proactive step toward reducing the number of childhood drownings in San Antonio. This innovative water safety education program equips children with life-saving skills and raises awareness among families about the importance of water safety. Together, we can ensure a safer environment for our children and prevent tragic incidents that are entirely preventable.


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